Beech Hall School Pupils with their Happy Self Journals wellbeing

New wellbeing Initiative at Beech Hall School

5th September 2019

Pupils and staff members from Beech Hall School have participated in a series of ‘Mind Mechanics’ workshops, furthering strategies for positive wellbeing and mental health within the school. A cohort of 28 children in Year 6 to 10 at the Tytherington-based school engaged in a course of six, two hour long age-related workshops designed to… Read more »

millennials in the workplace

Five scenarios to engage Millennials and Gen Z in added-value benefits

24th April 2019

With youth can come a feeling of invincibility and that can wrongly influence the employee benefits decisions made by Millennials and Generation Z, according to RedArc. The earlier a young workforce appreciates how employers can support them, beyond the paycheque, the better for their overall health and wellbeing. While there’s definitely a place for benefits… Read more »

Craig Phillips has pulse tested innovations

AHSNs to help accelerate healthcare innovations

17th January 2019

The Innovation Agency and fellow Academic Health Science Networks have been highlighted as key players in speeding up the adoption of innovations in the NHS. They are named in the NHS Long Term Plan as partners in spreading innovations in their regions and supporting service improvement, with a vote of confidence underlined by a guarantee… Read more »

prescription safety

Majority of employees still provided with over-goggles

9th January 2019

The latest research from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare reveals that the majority of staff who wear prescription glasses are still being provided with safety over-goggles, and that employers are vastly overestimating costs. Just under half, 49%, of the 500 plus industry leaders surveyed said they have staff who need safety eyewear as part of their working… Read more »

baby boomers

Issues for Baby boomers on their Health and wellbeing

7th December 2018

Whilst legislation has caught up with the times, removing the Default Retirement Age which allows individuals to work past the traditional age of retirement, it appears that employers’ attitudes towards the older generations may be at risk of not keeping pace. Despite ‘Baby Boomers’ (aged 54-71) making up 33% of the workforce, they can often… Read more »

mental health engage staff

In 2019 SMEs need to engage their staff earlier to engage them in health and wellbeing

5th December 2018

Looking after the health and wellbeing of staff is now widely recognised as integral to fulfilling business objectives. We now have more knowledge of what staff really need, but for health and wellbeing policies to be effective we need to ensure they’re what staff really want. Brett Hill, managing director for The Health Insurance Group… Read more »

disasters overseas workers

Key ways SMEs need to support overseas workers

15th November 2018

Globalisation continues to offer SMEs exciting opportunities to expand beyond their current remit, and this creates new job opportunities for individuals. Working overseas can be a life-enhancing experience, but it’s not always positive if suitable due diligence hasn’t been conducted beforehand. For SMEs to better their chances of success when operating abroad, Sarah Dennis, Head… Read more »

employee benefits income protection

Looking after staff and families, main reason SMEs offer Group Income Protection

14th November 2018

An obligation to look after staff and families is the main reason SMEs offer group income protection (GIP) to their employees, shows research from industry body GRiD, which represents the group risk protection sector (employer-sponsored life assurance, income protection and critical illness cover). This is closely followed by using the benefit to help differentiate them… Read more »


SMEs miss out on private medical insurance benefits to the detriment of their business

2nd August 2018

SMEs are missing out on the vast array of benefits private medical insurance (PMI) can provide, commonly viewing it as something only large corporations can offer, according to The Health Insurance Group. However, not only is it more affordable than they think, it can provide many wider benefits to the business that they may be… Read more »


Reward Gateway offers Specsavers discounts to over 1.5m employees

31st July 2018

The number of employees being offered Specsavers discounts through engagement hub, Reward Gateway, has now topped 1.5 million. Reward Gateway helps more than 1,700 leading companies around the world to attract, engage and retain the best people with an employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts and rewards, as well as recognition, wellbeing and… Read more »