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Beech Hall School Pupils with their Happy Self Journals wellbeing

New wellbeing Initiative at Beech Hall School

5th September 2019

Pupils and staff members from Beech Hall School have participated in a series of ‘Mind Mechanics’ workshops, furthering strategies for positive wellbeing and mental health within the school. A cohort of 28 children in Year 6 to 10 at the Tytherington-based school engaged in a course of six, two hour long age-related workshops designed to… Read more »

interview Christine Husbands

Interview Christine Husbands Managing Director RedArc

12th June 2019

Christine Husbands is the Managing Director of RedArc, a specialist company providing long-term help and support to employees, individuals and families suffering from serious illness, disability or bereavement, through its team of highly qualified, registered nurses. What’s the secret to your success? I’ve always started with the premise of how to add value. This is… Read more »

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Cheshire businesses in daring abseil down Chester Cathedral for mental health charity

3rd June 2019

The Local business community leaders took on a daring freefall abseil at Chester Cathedral on Saturday, raising over £2,500 for local mental health charity Chapter. In total, 29 people abseiled down the building. Participants eased themselves down a rope, without even a wall to settle themselves against, directly down the centre of the Cathedral, the… Read more »

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Vast majority of stress not caused by work

18th April 2019

Stress can be caused by numerous factors, but work often isn’t the main culprit, according to The Health Insurance Group. The company runs regular forums for their staff to discuss their mental wellbeing, and life outside work consistently ranks as the biggest cause of stress. As businesses look to support the mental wellbeing of their… Read more »

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Supporting mental health isn’t global

15th April 2019

Employers need to be mindful of the significant differences globally in how mental health is viewed and treated, when it comes to managing an international workforce. Disparities in both attitudes to, and treatment of, mental ill-health could make the difference between an international post succeeding or failing, if not understood and managed effectively. It is… Read more »

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RedArc: 29% more referrals in January due to mental health

21st January 2019

Blue Monday (on 21 January this year) may have become somewhat trivialised, but it is true to say that the start of the new year remains a struggle for many employees: RedArc’s latest figures show a 29% average increase in the number of new patient/employee referrals for mental health conditions like Anxiety in January vs.… Read more »

baby boomers

Issues for Baby boomers on their Health and wellbeing

7th December 2018

Whilst legislation has caught up with the times, removing the Default Retirement Age which allows individuals to work past the traditional age of retirement, it appears that employers’ attitudes towards the older generations may be at risk of not keeping pace. Despite ‘Baby Boomers’ (aged 54-71) making up 33% of the workforce, they can often… Read more »

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In 2019 SMEs need to engage their staff earlier to engage them in health and wellbeing

5th December 2018

Looking after the health and wellbeing of staff is now widely recognised as integral to fulfilling business objectives. We now have more knowledge of what staff really need, but for health and wellbeing policies to be effective we need to ensure they’re what staff really want. Brett Hill, managing director for The Health Insurance Group… Read more »

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Consequences are long term if childhood bereavement is unsupported, says RedArc Nurses

14th November 2018

Consequences are long term if childhood bereavement is unsupported, says RedArc Nurses – Children’s Grief Awareness Day 15 November RedArc Nurses, who offers support for employees and individuals in times of bereavement, illness disability and trauma, warns that not dealing with childhood bereavement can have long-term consequences. More than 100 children are bereaved of a… Read more »

mental health engage staff

Employers’ role in supporting mental health

22nd October 2018

On 17 October 2018 the financial effect of absence from work due to mental health problems was debated in Westminster Hall. Rising up the workplace agenda, the role employers (and particularly SMEs) need to play is becoming increasingly central, and Group Income Protection in particular has been recognised as being a fundamental tool for employers… Read more »