Health and Safety

emotional support

Insurers are key to providing emotional support for road traffic victims

1st August 2018

Five people die every day on UK roads and around 60 people are seriously injured according to road safety charity Brake, and RedArc believes insurers could be the key in providing victims and their families with emotional support after an accident. Emotional support lacking In RedArc’s experience, those involved in road traffic accidents are physically… Read more »


Reward Gateway offers Specsavers discounts to over 1.5m employees

31st July 2018

The number of employees being offered Specsavers discounts through engagement hub, Reward Gateway, has now topped 1.5 million. Reward Gateway helps more than 1,700 leading companies around the world to attract, engage and retain the best people with an employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts and rewards, as well as recognition, wellbeing and… Read more »

health insurance

Millennials don’t see the value of private healthcare

16th July 2018

Millennials may be missing out on significant benefits associated with private medical health insurance (PMI), as their youth can make them feel invincible and they opt for other benefits, according to The Health Insurance Group. Engaging a diverse staff demographic with employee benefits can be a challenge for employers. Staff will traditionally find some benefits… Read more »

health and wellbeing

July sporting events – opportunity to engage staff in health and wellbeing

2nd July 2018

For fans of sport, it’s going to be an exciting July as major events including Wimbledon, the World Cup and Tour de France kick off or draw to a close. This is a great time for businesses to capitalise on this sporting fever and engage employees in health and wellbeing, says The Health Insurance Group.… Read more »

mental health support

An over reliance on technology as a mental health solution can put people in danger, warns RedArc

6th June 2018

“Notification of a poor mental health score via a mental health technology platform without appropriate clinical intervention in place could cause more distress,” warns Christine Husbands, managing director of RedArc, further enforcing the need for strong clinical human support to supplement technological solutions. RedArc believes that employers, employees, insurers and the wider mental health community… Read more »

sun exposure

Protecting the eyes from sun exposure

5th June 2018

Employers have responsibilities to employees regarding all ‘at work’ activities. With the summer finally seeming to have started in earnest, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare is encouraging employers to consider eye care as part of their sun exposure protection policy. The following facts and myths will help employers and employees to understand the issues: It is the… Read more »

seriously ill NHS

Bureaucracy biggest drain on NHS funding, say taxpayers

2nd June 2018

Almost half (48%) of UK taxpayers believe that poor management, internal bureaucracy and wastage are the biggest drains on funding and care provision in the NHS, research has found. The study, by the Independent Health Professionals’ Association (IHPA), comes amongst reports that the NHS funding deficit could be twice as high as expected this year,… Read more »

health insurance

Health insurance for children of overseas workers should be a priority

31st May 2018

Since 1925, 1 June has been designated as International Children’s Day. This year The Health Insurance Group is marking this by encouraging employers to consider the health insurance provisions they have in place for the children of overseas workers. It is well established that, as their immune system builds, children are far more likely than… Read more »

providing eye care

New-look eyecare website central tool for employers

23rd May 2018

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has updated its website, increasing its use as an eye care tool for employers. The new site is designed to be much more intuitive and user-friendly. Crucially, it enables employers to quickly and easily access information and tools to assist with managing workplace eye care. There is an FAQ section, with details… Read more »

bereavement support

Employers can fill the bereavement support void for many, says RedArc

18th May 2018

Our much-overworked NHS does not have the resources available to offer mass support for the bereaved but employers are in a prime position to step up and provide this instead, says RedArc during Dying Matters Week (14 – 20 May 2018). Christine Husbands, managing director, RedArc says: “Bereavement support is fairly straightforward for an employer… Read more »