Migraine Awareness Week: 2 to 8 September 2018

3rd September 2018

Migraine is the third most common disease in the world, affecting an estimated one in seven people globally. Migraine Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the condition and this year focuses on the impact of migraines in the workplace. The Migraine Trust is asking employers to consider making reasonable adjustments for employees who suffer… Read more »

dental bridges

Dental Bridges Treatment and why to go for it

22nd August 2018

Dental bridges are a dental restoration treatment used to replace a missing tooth simply by joining to adjacent teeth or dental implants. This treatment is fixed and is made from different materials such as gold and silver, as well as all porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. Many Dentists in Manchester recommends dental bridges because… Read more »

IT manager

Gain control of your IT support and systems or know what to expect from your IT Manager

16th August 2018

Practically your whole business – bar the furniture – is on your computer system these days. So, looking after your business means looking after that system. Even if you employ an IT  manager, you’re going to have to know what to expect from them! Are you or your IT  manager doing the following things? Know… Read more »

seriously ill NHS

Navigating the NHS: key challenge for seriously ill

15th August 2018

As the UK health system has become progressively more fragmented and complex over the years, today’s employees are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate their way around the NHS when they need to and therefore potentially missing out on everything that could be available to them. RedArc also believes that trying to dovetail NHS provision… Read more »

dedicated mental health support Early Intervention

Only a third of employers with overseas staff provide policies that support mental health

14th August 2018

New research commissioned by The Health Insurance Group reveals organisations with employees working overseas are falling short when it comes to providing dedicated mental health support. Only 34% of employers were found to have a specific policy in place, such as an employee assistance programme. This means thousands of employees could be left vulnerable, with no… Read more »


SMEs miss out on private medical insurance benefits to the detriment of their business

2nd August 2018

SMEs are missing out on the vast array of benefits private medical insurance (PMI) can provide, commonly viewing it as something only large corporations can offer, according to The Health Insurance Group. However, not only is it more affordable than they think, it can provide many wider benefits to the business that they may be… Read more »

cash flow

Why cash flow is king when it comes to business survival

4th June 2018

With many national businesses making headlines recently with a variety of financial troubles, is our economy really in the positive position the government leads us to believe? The large companies in question have seemingly fallen on hard times due to their commitment to large retail premises, but what about the SME market place? In the… Read more »

man standing in front of audience public speaking

Petrified of Presenting and the power of public speaking

7th March 2018

For any successful leader, entrepreneur or sales person, presenting is often a necessary evil. Just the idea of standing in front of an audience to do some public speaking is enough to trigger a sense of panic in many; but get it right, and it’s also a hugely powerful tool. Presentations communicate and pitch ideas,… Read more »

Money Maters logo accountants

HMRC or Big Brother? The surprising information sources used.

30th November 2017

As Celebrity Big Brother consumed UK TV screens over the summer, have you ever thought about a different type of Big Brother that may be keeping its eye on you, and more importantly, your financial footprint? HMRC’s powerful “Connect” system was fully deployed at the beginning of 2017, but has been years in the making… Read more »