phone system

5 Benefits of a Business Phone System

1st November 2018

Investing in a business phone system is essential for both small to medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises. Relying on personal mobile phones or basic office phones connected to multiple lines is no longer the only option. We have detailed just 5 of the many benefits that a business phone system can offer… Read more »

The Red Door team stand at their front door ahead of mentoring week

From Glass Collecting to Running a Business: How Red Door are Mentoring the Hospitality Stars of Tomorrow

24th October 2018

October 27th marks National Mentoring Day, which champions the two-way benefits of guiding new starters through the first all-important steps of their career. Crucially, mentoring is all about advising, sharing knowledge and suggesting – never dictating – a course of action. For the mentee, it’s an invaluable opportunity to learn and work through issues with someone… Read more »

young employees

GRiD urges employers to inform staff about mental health support for young people

10th October 2018

As World Mental Health Day focuses on the needs of young employees this year, GRiD, the trade body for the group risk industry wants to highlight the support that’s available for young employees within group risk protection products (employer-sponsored life assurance, income protection and critical illness benefits). Support for mental health is wide ranging and… Read more »

dedicated mental health support Early Intervention

Case for early intervention in mental health conditions – crucial

9th October 2018

Figures collated from 400 of RedArc’s patients over a five-year period show that early intervention is crucial in treating mental health conditions, this World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2018. Based on the PHQ9 and GAD7 questionnaires commonly used to diagnose and measure the severity of anxiety and depression, where early clinical assessments are in… Read more »

Internet phone lines

Internet phone lines vs traditional lines for business

4th October 2018

Firstly, let’s consider the basic difference between a digital telephone line (traditional lines also know as ISDN) and internet phone lines (also know as SIP). Each ISDN phone line is physically installed on copper cabling between the local exchange and a card in your telephone system. SIP internet telephone lines are delivered dedicated broadband connection,… Read more »

Trevor standing infront of a vulcan bomber woodford garden village

Surprise in store when Tricia and her pilot partner land new home in Woodford

4th October 2018

When Tricia Thompson bought a brand new home in Woodford, Cheshire, it was more than a flight of fancy for her and her partner, Trevor Jackson, a former RAF pilot. Redrow Homes’ four-bedroom detached Richmond property at Woodford Garden Village, was perfect in so many ways. For Tricia it offered downsizing potential but still with… Read more »

ageing workforce

Britain’s ageing workforce at eye health risk

24th September 2018

THE record number of older people in employment are being urged to make their eye health a priority as pension entitlement ages increase. Ageing workforce Official figures show that there are now more than 1.2 million working Brits over the age of 65 , with a further 500,000 expected to be in employment by 2030… Read more »


Making Tax Digital – Put a plan in place before MTD is compulsory

24th September 2018

Making Tax Digital (MTD) will be compulsory for VAT from April 2019 for businesses with a turnover exceeding the VAT registration threshold (£85k). In this blog we look at how business owners can start to prepare for these new regulations. What are the new regulations? Businesses affected will be required to: Keep VAT records digitally… Read more »

health and protection

Dependants of overseas staff need more health and protection support

18th September 2018

A significant number of companies are not providing dependants with the same access to health and protection benefits as they do for their employees that work abroad. New research from The Health Insurance Group reveals only 66% of organisations provide dependants with access to the same cover as overseas employees, leaving dependants in a third… Read more »


The hackers are here

4th September 2018

From credit card details to premium cheese, hackers are after you! Selling stolen personal data is a big business for hackers: Somewhere on the dark web, your e-mail address and a few passwords are probably for sale (hopefully, old ones). Cyber criminals buy troves of this information to try to login to websites where they… Read more »