baby boomers

Issues for Baby boomers on their Health and wellbeing

7th December 2018

Whilst legislation has caught up with the times, removing the Default Retirement Age which allows individuals to work past the traditional age of retirement, it appears that employers’ attitudes towards the older generations may be at risk of not keeping pace. Despite ‘Baby Boomers’ (aged 54-71) making up 33% of the workforce, they can often… Read more »

7 reasons to outsource your IT support

7th December 2018

You’d probably think that an owner of a successful IT support company would be firmly made up on this business-critical decision – outsourcing must be the way to go, right? Actually, what is most important of all, is that individual business owners make the right decision for them, one that takes account of their unique… Read more »

mental health engage staff

In 2019 SMEs need to engage their staff earlier to engage them in health and wellbeing

5th December 2018

Looking after the health and wellbeing of staff is now widely recognised as integral to fulfilling business objectives. We now have more knowledge of what staff really need, but for health and wellbeing policies to be effective we need to ensure they’re what staff really want. Brett Hill, managing director for The Health Insurance Group… Read more »

Christmas sales

All I want for Christmas is Improved Sales

4th December 2018

Mariah Carey might not want a lot for Christmas but sales managers certainly do. With 20% of annual retail sales connected to Christmas sales, sleighing the competition has never been so important. Below, Think Beyond outline 4 ways your business can supercharge its sales strategy this festive season without needing to call upon an army… Read more »

business consultant

The Benefits of A Business Consultant

30th November 2018

From auditing and researching your current position to helping create and execute agreed strategies, a business consultant uses their extensive experience to add value and help grow your business ambitions fast. It is not surprising then that most business owners have asked “Do I need a business consultant?” at some point on their business journey.… Read more »

disasters overseas workers

Companies under-prepared for disasters overseas

28th November 2018

Some employers may believe that a political or natural disasters overseas are only likely to occur in traditionally high-risk regions, but this is not the case. The change in political dynamics means that volatility can happen anywhere in the world. And this year alone we’ve seen evacuations recommended in Indonesia and Florida due to severe… Read more »

disasters overseas workers

Key ways SMEs need to support overseas workers

15th November 2018

Globalisation continues to offer SMEs exciting opportunities to expand beyond their current remit, and this creates new job opportunities for individuals. Working overseas can be a life-enhancing experience, but it’s not always positive if suitable due diligence hasn’t been conducted beforehand. For SMEs to better their chances of success when operating abroad, Sarah Dennis, Head… Read more »

black Friday

How to Boost Your Sales This Black Friday

14th November 2018

Black Friday marks the start of one of the most lucrative sales periods of the year. Get it right and your quarter 4 sales will receive a welcome boost; get it wrong and you risk missing out on your slice of the forecasted billions in sales. To help you negotiate this tricky time of year,… Read more »

Benefits of Marketing

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

14th November 2018

Today’s business world requires an efficient and streamlined marketing approach. From small start-ups to established companies, automation should be seen as a vital component within your marketing strategy. Below the Think Beyond experts outline 3 key benefits of marketing automation which can help your business and ultimately help to protect your bottom line. 3 Key… Read more »

lateral thinking in the business world

The Allegory of Think Beyond

7th November 2018

Inspired by my love of the philosophical and in particular Plato’s allegory of the cave, Think Beyond seeks to inspire change in others; to grow sales, to create automation that works, to take your inbound marketing further and to enhance your digital presence. At the centre of Think Beyond’s narrative is a commitment to question,… Read more »