rare diseases

Overlooking rare diseases is a risk not worth taking, warns The Health Insurance Group

4th March 2019

The world is awash with business opportunities, from exploring natural resources in Antarctica to jumping on the rapid economic growth in Laos and Myanmar,* – controversially or otherwise, companies are always on the lookout for the next big break. Sending staff overseas to explore new ventures is par for the course, and Rare Diseases Day… Read more »

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The What, How and Why of an Effective Strategy

26th February 2019

Influencer marketing is far from new. You need only to think of any mainstream clothes or shoe brand and a whole host of celebrity endorsements no doubt soon spring to mind. What is emerging however, is a shift towards more and more B2B enterprises partnering with high authority influencers and thought leaders on content collaboration… Read more »

holiday park site in wales

Holiday park to boost tourism and economy in picturesque North Wales

21st February 2019

The much-anticipated Maes Mynan development in Afonwen, near Caerwys, is to open this September after receiving planning permission from Flintshire County Council. Acorn Leisure – which also owns a holiday park in nearby Lloc and Cilcain – has approval for 47 luxury lodges and more than 130 static and touring caravans on the old quarry… Read more »

marketing as a science

Marketing Is a Science, Not an Art

7th February 2019

Dr Philip Kotler defined marketing as, “The science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market as a profit” (2001-2012) Kotler’s juxtaposition of science and art suggested that an equal weighting between these 2 components was necessary to achieve marketing aims. However, in today’s data saturated world,… Read more »

Telling your Business Story: How to get your Content Strategy wright

29th January 2019

After so much hard work building this year’s strategy, writing a marketing plan and agreeing the budget, the cascade down through programmes, campaigns and activities could so easily be undone by poorly planned and executed content. The wrong message to the wrong prospect/customer at the wrong time, or simply poorly written or conceived, could undermine… Read more »

working abroad

Avoid a talent exodus of overseas workers in the new year by highlighting benefits, reveals business research

17th January 2019

The start of a new year signals an important marker for many. A reflective time, it encourages people to review their lifestyle and quit the bad stuff (such as smoking and drinking), increase more of the good (exercise and down time) and to find solutions to things making them unhappy (leaving an ungrateful employer). For… Read more »

Business Resolutions 2019

10 Business Resolutions for a Happy New Year 2019

2nd January 2019

As we welcome in 2019, business resolutions fill the air. However, reflecting on past behaviours and making a commitment towards change should not be seen as a purely personal exercise. The New Year is the prime time to create business resolutions that can fuel your productivity for the year ahead. Below, the experienced marketeers at… Read more »

Mike Leeman Price Transparency

BLJ Solicitors Welcomes Price Transparency In Legal Sector

17th December 2018

Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors is championing price transparency within regulated law firms in the UK following recent industry changes. The North West legal firm is backing the introduction of criteria which requires all regulated law firms to proactively publish pricing information for services, along with timescales for quoted services and the experience of the… Read more »

employees travel abroad

Managing employees abroad during Christmas

13th December 2018

Many employees that work abroad will be travelling back to the UK for Christmas, not just for turkey and mince pies but to get their health back on-track. The familiarity of the healthcare system and specific medical professionals, accompanied by family and friends to support with aftercare, means that employees may have additional motivations to… Read more »

marketing strategy

What’s your Marketing Strategy for 2019?

10th December 2018

As we move firmly into the final quarter of 2018, marketing and sales directors are already turning their thoughts to next year’s marketing strategy. Who are my customers? Where does my brand sit in the market? Will content still be king in my marketing campaigns? Are just some of the questions that are being bandied… Read more »