mental wellbeing

Vast majority of stress not caused by work

18th April 2019

Stress can be caused by numerous factors, but work often isn’t the main culprit, according to The Health Insurance Group. The company runs regular forums for their staff to discuss their mental wellbeing, and life outside work consistently ranks as the biggest cause of stress. As businesses look to support the mental wellbeing of their… Read more »

stressed man in office mental disorders

Supporting mental health isn’t global

15th April 2019

Employers need to be mindful of the significant differences globally in how mental health is viewed and treated, when it comes to managing an international workforce. Disparities in both attitudes to, and treatment of, mental ill-health could make the difference between an international post succeeding or failing, if not understood and managed effectively. It is… Read more »

physical health in divers workforce

Employee demographic generalisations and physical health

15th March 2019

Organisations that make assumptions about staff, based on generational demographics risk driving talent away, warns The Health Insurance Group. Businesses need to re-evaluate how they reward and communicate with staff, to ensure no unconscious bias is seeping into the workplace and disengaging talent. As businesses look to engage their staff, there’s been increasing awareness of… Read more »

Henry Brooks talks about Manchester airport corridor

Northern Powerhouse panel highlight national importance of Manchester Airport Corridor

11th March 2019

Northern Powerhouse panel highlight national importance of Manchester Airport Corridor A panel of strategic employers, property owners, political and civil service representatives will give their views and perspective on how, post-Brexit, the Manchester Airport Corridor can help meet the number one national priority of raising productivity. At the UK Government Pavilion event at 1pm on… Read more »

balloons floating in sky lead nurturing

Love your Business, Love your Leads: 5 Lead Nurturing Techniques You Need to Embrace

5th March 2019

“Love is in the air,” sang John Paul Young, “everywhere I look around.” Whilst leads might not be in the air, they are certainly everywhere. Across channels, across devices and at every stage in the sales funnel. With a staggering 96% of inbound leads failing to convert after web visit[1], the importance of an effective… Read more »

rare diseases

Overlooking rare diseases is a risk not worth taking, warns The Health Insurance Group

4th March 2019

The world is awash with business opportunities, from exploring natural resources in Antarctica to jumping on the rapid economic growth in Laos and Myanmar,* – controversially or otherwise, companies are always on the lookout for the next big break. Sending staff overseas to explore new ventures is par for the course, and Rare Diseases Day… Read more »

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The What, How and Why of an Effective Strategy

26th February 2019

Influencer marketing is far from new. You need only to think of any mainstream clothes or shoe brand and a whole host of celebrity endorsements no doubt soon spring to mind. What is emerging however, is a shift towards more and more B2B enterprises partnering with high authority influencers and thought leaders on content collaboration… Read more »

holiday park site in wales

Holiday park to boost tourism and economy in picturesque North Wales

21st February 2019

The much-anticipated Maes Mynan development in Afonwen, near Caerwys, is to open this September after receiving planning permission from Flintshire County Council. Acorn Leisure – which also owns a holiday park in nearby Lloc and Cilcain – has approval for 47 luxury lodges and more than 130 static and touring caravans on the old quarry… Read more »

marketing as a science

Marketing Is a Science, Not an Art

7th February 2019

Dr Philip Kotler defined marketing as, “The science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market as a profit” (2001-2012) Kotler’s juxtaposition of science and art suggested that an equal weighting between these 2 components was necessary to achieve marketing aims. However, in today’s data saturated world,… Read more »

Telling your Business Story: How to get your Content Strategy wright

29th January 2019

After so much hard work building this year’s strategy, writing a marketing plan and agreeing the budget, the cascade down through programmes, campaigns and activities could so easily be undone by poorly planned and executed content. The wrong message to the wrong prospect/customer at the wrong time, or simply poorly written or conceived, could undermine… Read more »