Brewery in Crewe invents The Mighty Oat Stout!

Sean Ayling owners of brewery

Brewery bosses are raising a glass to Mornflake after launching a new ale made with hearty oats.

Owners of Tom’s Tap micro-brewery in Crewe turned to the historic Cheshire millers for a key ingredient in their newly-launched stout.

And the firm, which supplies its oat-based breakfast products around the world, was only too happy to oblige!

Now ‘The Mighty Oat Stout’ is set to make an appearance on the menu in Tom’s Tap and behind the bar in local pubs.

Whole Jumbo Oats, best known for making a tasty textured porridge, are one of the main ingredients in the brew.

Brewery owners Sean and Jacqui Ayling have included traditional malts and other ‘secret’ ingredients in the stout which is set to feature on their tap room menu.

The couple opened the business on Thomas Street three months ago after working for more than 30 years in the hospitality industry as bartenders.

They expect The Mighty Oat Stout to go down well with regulars.

Sean said:

“Stout is a strong dark beer which is full of iron and has an age-old reputation for ‘building you up’ after illness and was once recommended to pregnant women. By adding oats we pack the drink with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also add body and create a silky texture. When we were looking for a supplier, we didn’t have to go very far. We have the country’s finest miller on our doorstep in Crewe – Mornflake. The location is perfect as we are keen to reduce ‘food miles’ and include only the freshest of ingredients. We love the heritage of the company which uses milling techniques handed down 15 generations and its commitment to the farming industry by sourcing only British oats. It’s also a family-owned company employing local people which sits with our aims of becoming a community hub where clubs and societies can meet. We are lucky to have a company with such provenance just a mile away from us on Thomas Street.”

More than 60% of the drinks on offer at Tom’s Tap are brewed on the premises including the new Baltic Porter with Morello Cherries at 7.4%, NZ Steam Beer, made with New Zealand hops, 5.2% and zesty Lemon Witbier, 4.3%.

The Mighty Oat Stout, which comes in at a mid-range 4.8%, will be available in sturdy brown bottles from November.

Mornflake marketing manager Richard Jones said:

“Our oats are enjoyed in all manner of sweet and savoury dishes and smoothies. They are in the premier league of healthy ingredients and food bloggers love to write about the creative way they include them in recipes. Stout is a first for us and we are delighted to supply to a local family-owned business. We look forward to seeing it in bottles labelled ‘The Mighty Oat Stout,’ paying homage to the wholesome goodness of our Cheshire milled oats.”

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