Insegni launches an immersive training experience with airborne environmental consultants

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Insegni Solutions uses virtual reality to help Airborne Environmental Consultants take their new training facility ‘Hazard House’ on the road.

Airborne Environmental Consultants (AEC) is one of the largest training providers in the UK, offering over 40 course titles in asbestos, Legionella and health and safety. In 2017, AEC launched ‘Hazard House’ a practical training facility, which allows for delegates to interact with mock asbestos and Legionella hazards in a realistically sized building.

AEC is dedicated to improving training standards in the industry through innovation and practical, hands-on training, preparing delegates for the challenges in the workplace and maintaining safe levels of working. Since its launch, Hazard House has welcomed hundreds of students through its doors, but a key challenge with a real sized house is that it isn’t a portable training resource.

AEC’s next innovation challenge was to find a solution to enable customers to experience the practical training that Hazard House provides. They enlisted Insegni Solutions’ expertise in employee engagement and virtual reality software, to develop an immersive training experience that could be taken to businesses across the UK. The obvious option was to create a promotional video. However, Insegni believed that the product could and should be more interactive for customers viewing the Hazard House online. Insegni proposed to develop a tool that would not only give training delegates an immersive experience but allow for students to ‘step inside’ the house and allow them to navigate around it, as if they were onsite with AEC in Manchester.

Insegni’s Director James Rhys-Davies said,

“We jumped at the chance to work with Airborne Environmental Consultants as we could see the real value their customers would take from a virtual reality experience of the Hazard House.”

Insegni produced a fully immersive interactive virtual reality experience for ‘Hazard House’, utilising the (only just released) Oculus Go headset, alongside a promotional film. AEC will use this technology as part of existing open training courses, bespoke courses and provide immersive experiences at events and exhibitions.

Debbie Clare, AEC Commercial Director added,

“We’re delighted with the new software and the work Insegni has done. We want to give our training delegates an interactive learning experience so that they can see authentic applications of hazards in the workplace. Feedback from delegates has been very positive and further demonstrates that practical learning is the way forward.”

If you would like to discuss how immersive training can benefit your organisation contact James Rhys-Davies at Insegni Solutions on 0333 987 4117.

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